Do You Give Good Pod?

How To Give Good Pod!

With Podcast shows on the increase, we want you to know how to ensure you ‘give good pod!’ So we’ve called in some seasoned podcast guests to share their best tips with you. (you’re welcome)

Remember, being a guest on a podcast show is truly an honour and privilege, so by taking the time to ensure you are prepped and ready, will make the show host truly love you (#winning) and, the listeners actually get something tangible they can take away from the show.

According to a Nielson report in May 2022, “During a pandemic that drove millions indoors, and in front of screens, a funny thing happened with podcasts: audience engagement increased. And in addition to the wealth of new listeners, engagement among listeners is growing.”  

So FemSistas, here are some tips to help you give a good pod!

Jen Buck says:
“Use a short sound bite, which is intimately connected to your brand, that will stick with the listener. Say that short, punchy phrase at least three times in the interview and you will notice that the interviewer catches it and comments on it, often places it in their show notes or promotion, and prompts the listener to reach out.

Examples: “Courage starts with showing up” -Brene Brown “We can do hard things” -Glennon Doyle

Jen Buck – Jen Bucks Speaks

Robin Albin says:
“My recipe for podcast success is always the same: be yourself, only talk about what you know and love and be sure to have a great time doing it. The last point requires that you have good chemistry with your interviewer which is best determined in a pre-interview call.” Robin Albin,

Kiri-Maree Moore says:
“Serve the audience – Be a good listener”                                                                                        Kiri-Maree Moore – Decision Velocity Global

Heather McDougall says:
“Mastering the art of concise communication is key to podcast interview success. Practice by setting a timer for just one minute and talking about anything, or utilize platforms like Instagram or TikTok, and you’ll build muscle memory for efficiency, captivate your audience, avoid rambling, and deliver content that is engaging, polished, and destined for podcasting greatness.” This is Heather, LLC

Susan Gold says:
“Make your host the star. Research the podcast, listen to a full episode, know their conversation points of value, and include your own tips in your pitch for the listeners! When you are booked and during the podcast conversation please promote your host positively during your conversation.” Susan Gold Enterprises, LLC

Amanda Gibby Peters says:
One, share your *origin* story (how you got started, where it all began, the pivot that led to your business, etc.)

Two, practice 3 versions of your story (a quick 2-minute summary, a more detailed version, and a full-length ‘journey’ story), so that you can deliver the one that will resonate best with the host and audience. Amanda Gibby Peters | Simple Shui

Chrissy Bernal says:
To nail your podcast interview, the main thing you need to do is have a clear message. Ask yourself, “What are my main talking points? Why do they matter to the listener? And how will their lives change after listening to my interview?”

Chrissy Bernal, Brand Consultant & Publicist – Be a Better Brand

Shar Moore says:
Present like you are on a stage with thousands of people because let’s face it… you are! Podcasts have great reach and if we get complacent that it’s just us and our host, we can forget about the hundreds or even thousands of listeners. Remember, if your message helps impact one life, it’s worth it right? Shar Moore – Visionary at ‘that impact book’.

Moana Robinson says:
(1) If you are asked for information prior to the interview, supply as much information as you can including images (2) Research your podcast host (3) Make sure your lighting is great, the sound is good quality, the background is uncluttered and clothing plain and congruent with your brand. Moana Robinson – B Styled for Life

Michelle Frost says:
 and be yourself – Focus on your audio quality (quiet space, headphones and test your mic). Michelle Frost Company – FitMIND FitBODY

Kylee Leota says:
tips for giving good pod! There are a few things I do both before and after a podcast. Before, I add them on my socials and I contact them to check if there is anything specific they want me to prepare. I also read about my hosts before the podcast to get a feel for their style. Afterwards, I always send a thank you email to let them know how much I appreciate the opportunity. I also share across my platforms and put it up on my website with links back to the hosts. Both before and after, I go onto their socials and comment on other posts not just mine, and value add into their space not just focus on what I get as a result of being their guest. It is important to recognise it needs to be mutually beneficial. Kylee Leota Elements 4 Success


We would love to hear your tips below and if any of these resonate with you, let us know. Let’s pay this forward. Share this article with your network and make sure you give us a tag while you’re at it.

We will be doing more helpful articles like this. Let us know what else you would like to know ok?

Remember FemSista, be #Unapologetic #Confident and #Graceful, and always ‘Give Good Pod!’. You will change a life if you do.

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