Harnessing the Power of Teamwork and Female-Led Teams

Malika Begin -Harnessing the Power of Teamwork and Female-Led Teams

Harnessing the Power of Teamwork and Female-Led Teams

by Malika BeginFounder and CEO, Begin Development

Growing up, I wasn’t a very good teammate. On my childhood soccer team, I was a ball hog: readily accepting passes and assists from my teammates but not always returning the favor. Later in college, on a particularly important group project, I over-promised, and under-delivered, and instead of owning my shortcomings at the end of the semester, I shamelessly flattered the one person who put in all the hours of real work on the project. I’m not fond of those memories, but they remind me of a very important truth: life is a team sport.

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Everyone winds up on a team at some point, but the skills of being a good teammate aren’t always taught. Yet, the impact of well-functioning teams cannot be overstated. And, women-led and operated projects — exemplified on a more personal level with my team at Begin Development and on a much broader scale with highly successful projects like this year’s Barbie — have the power to exponentially impact the communities they serve. 

But, how exactly do high-performing teams achieve their success?

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Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, clearly outlines the skills that any team can learn and practice to address the dysfunctions of a team with this model: 

  1. Trust: Team members are comfortable being vulnerable with one another, sharing their fears, shortcomings, and pain points. 
  2. Conflict: When teams trust one another, they are willing to engage in unfiltered, constructive debate that focuses on ideas to produce the best possible solution. 
  3. Commitment: When everyone on the team has engaged in healthy conflict, they are more likely to commit to a solution. 
  4. Accountability: When everyone is committed to a clear plan of action, they hold one another accountable for performance that doesn’t measure up to the agreed-upon standards. 
  5. Results: When the four behaviors above are in play, team results are more important than individual results. 

The return on investment for high-performing teams is undeniable. The impact on the community when those teams are female-led is, in some cases, a direct rise in women’s earning power.

This has been exemplified by none other than Greta Gerwig and Margo Robbie’s Barbie box office success this past summer. Robbie’s high-earning roles as both an actress and producer in the movie reflect the changing landscape of women’s influence and economic empowerment in Hollywood and beyond. 

The power of women’s earnings transcends the entertainment industry. It sends a resounding message that when women have equal opportunities and fair compensation, they can achieve remarkable heights and make a profound impact on the world. As women like Margot Robbie continue to take center stage both in front of and behind the camera, they wield their earning power to drive change, challenge societal norms, and inspire future generations.

Begin Development will continue to champion groundbreaking women like Beyonce, Taylor, Greta, Margot, Barbie, and all of the leaders we partner with who are committed to a more connected and innovative way of building toward stunning results.

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