What You Want, Wants You Back – Women That Thrive


What You Want, Wants You Back – Women That Thrive

Charmaine Adam Founder, Women That Thrive, Teacher, Mentor & SVH Practitioner

‘What you want, wants you back.’

I was intuitive as a child, although I really didn’t understand it. I always had imaginary friends and an awareness of the creator even though my parents were not religious. Every time I prayed for things I wanted, I got what I asked for. 

We can all manifest our heart desires, and even as a child, I was manifesting the things I desired. I remember I really wanted a skateboard, but my parents could not afford one. I prayed to the creator, and a month later I found a skateboard left in a park. It was damaged, but my dad was able to fix it and I manifested my heart’s desire. This instilled a strong belief that I could create and have anything in my life if my heart desired it.

 As you get older you become more conditioned, and without proper guidance you forget the magic that lives within you. As an adult, I found myself in the corporate world, disconnected from my feminine self, trying to survive, comparing myself to other women and pushing to reach success. It was exhausting.

It wasn’t until my first pregnancy that my life would take a different turn. During my pregnancy, I heard the soul of my unborn child speak to me. I knew he would be a boy. I was in a very toxic, abusive relationship.  I had low self-esteem, no confidence and no support. I knew I had to leave the relationship, but I was deeply afraid.

Throughout my pregnancy I began to have visions of angels, ascended masters and yogis and would hear the most beautiful angelic music within my mind. My life felt more vibrant. I had dreams of my unborn son telling me that it was OK to leave the relationship that I was in, giving me the inner strength that I needed to walk away.

At times I thought I was losing my mind. 

This happened back in 2007 when we didn’t have Facebook, but we did have tribe and Myspace. I reached out on the forums and shared my experiences. I received responses from people all over the world sharing with me that I was experiencing an awakening. I left that relationship and began a journey of deep healing to release trauma, limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions that were holding me back. I began to live a more conscious and spiritual life. I changed my diet. I kept my thoughts positive. I felt my emotions and processed them.

My life began to have more meaning and I wanted to learn and understand who I am, what it means to be a woman and what my purpose was. I started to read all I could on spiritual awakening, about consciousness, soul purpose and energy and started to enroll myself in many different courses and modalities to deepen my awareness and understanding.

Three years after this experience, I found my Feminessence —or she found me. It was a beautiful warm day, my son was three, and I felt this vibrational humming feeling within my womb. The energy was an orgasmic feeling of ecstasy rushing and pulsing through me. I felt a softness in my body that felt fluid and sensual. It was like my womb was alive with its own mind and consciousness. Everything I touched felt orgasmic and sensual.

I knew something magical was occurring. My feminine energy was awakening. I began to Google womb and vibration and it led me to many articles around the feminine rising, feminine goddess, tantra and the feminine energy that resides within us. 

This realisation of being goddess, of awakening into my feminine, began the most empowering journey into the ancient feminine mysteries and teachings, deepening my awareness and opening up more to my relationship with my own feminine energy.

I realised the importance of devotion to the inner work. The more I released suppressive emotions from the past, limiting beliefs, old past stories and conditioning patterns, the more my Feminessence returned. I could feel her wisdom, her softness, her strength. 

I knew that the path forward for me was to connect with other women, wise women to help me understand more about my feminine goddess power. I started a 13 Moons Blood Mystery Quest, which helped me to understand the sacredness and heal my relationship to my menstrual cycle. 

I enrolled in sacred sexuality practices like tantra and kama sutra that opened my feminine sexuality and sensuality. Later in my life I would teach and facilitate tantra.

The more I learnt and embodied, the more alive I would feel in my body and the more in touch I was with my feminine power.

It still amazes me how through our power of intention, we manifest our lives. As soon as you call your Feminessence to you, she will hear you and she will break free of all chains to find you. 

I love the saying, ‘What you want, wants you back’.

I started my business when I was a single mother, and my son was four. I was working in the financial sector, but I knew this was not the right environment for me. My heart knew that I was here to help women, to support a shift in awareness and consciousness. I would catch myself daydreaming at work, thinking about empowering other women. Through the profound experiences I had in my own awakening, I felt passionate about assisting other women to truly find their feminine power, to reclaim their sensuality and sexuality. But I was afraid if I left my job I would lose both money and security.

I then found the modality that would change my life forever. SVH (Serenity Vibrational Healing) helped me to develop my superpower intuitive intelligence. We all have four intuitive intellects and through the clearing process of SVH, I began to release my limiting fears around money, business, working for myself etc. My inner feminine was calling me to quit my job and begin my own business, but my mind was still telling me a story that I needed to have a secure income.  After all, I had a child and responsibilities—and with a business you have no financial guarantees. 

But the universe had other plans for me. I had three mystical experiences that I could not ignore and quit my job immediately. In the first week of working for myself, I doubled my weekly income.

SVH and my intuitive intelligence has assisted my business greatly by allowing me to create energetic alignments with all that I am choosing. Creating a vibrational match with my intentions has allowed manifestations around what my business needed at just the right time, like the law of attraction. Energy flows where your attention goes.

Tantric philosophy has taught me a great deal around the divine feminine, and through my tantra and SVH practices I began to experience a oneness with everything and everyone that deepened my connection with myself and others. When you truly open your heart and fall in love with yourself you open up more to your feminine. When we can see life and each other through our hearts and when we live from our heart we no longer judge, compete, compare or see ourselves as separate from each other. Something magical opens. We connect. We realise that we are not separate, and that we can move into a space of openness and receptivity and thrive together as a feminine tribe.

My superpower is my intuitive intelligence, and I combine a conventional with ancient approach. That’s how I’d summarise my methodology. In helping my clients overcome their challenges, I apply the latest neuroscientific methods along with ancient spiritual and sacred sexuality tantric techniques. This strategy consistently, without fail, creates alignment between my client’s mindset, heart, behavior, emotional IQ, personal and professional values and her own intuitive IQ—Mind Heart Body Alignment.

When we are aligned, we are empowered. My clients can then experience the mental and emotional shift required to achieve the greatest desires. I support women with one-on-one coaching packages, and I also offer SVH practitioner training for any women who would like to learn the tools to transform her own life or help other women do the same.


The cornerstone of SVH is Quantum Level Reprogramming, a prodigious reformatting tool that rescripts limiting genetic and current life imprints, perceptions and beliefs that can block you from creating your ideal reality. After completing this course, you can be certified to be an SVH Practitioner and use these tools in your practice or healing ministry.


I think if you read this testimonial from one of my clients, you will understand what I do in my work and how important it is to me:

‘Charmaine really blew me away when she brought me into her room at Women That Thrive that day. I mean I didn’t know what to expect. SVH, or Serenity Vibration Healing, had been recommended to me. I knew I was at a place in my life where things weren’t working. I felt depressed, blocked and powerless. I was suffering through some traumatic events, and I sensed that Charmaine could help me. I won’t give away the specifics of the process, but I will tell you that we addressed many areas that I was struggling with, and then, as if by magic, changes started manifesting within a couple days. Money started filtering in, new opportunities presented themselves and a resolution to an emotional loss occurred. I felt at peace and started back on my road to empowerment, free of fear. Transformation on many levels had been kick-started. It was an exciting time.


I must say Charmaine’s an accurate and highly entertaining intuitive. She also does follow-ups, which I truly appreciated. She’s truly a unique and caring soul. I went away from our session with a smile on my face.


So, if you’re at the stage in your life where you’re honestly ready for change, I couldn’t recommend her work more.’​​ —Chanel

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