Unforgettable Connections: The 3 Powerful Rules of Making a Lasting Impression


Unforgettable Connections: The 3 Powerful Rules of Making a Lasting Impression

Ana Malovrh

1st Rule: “Know Thyself

This is a famous quote by the Greek philosopher Socrates. The cliché version we often hear is “Just be you!”

If you have ever taken a personality quiz of any kind, it will always indicate your dominant style. There is no 100% certainty when it comes to human characteristics. It is believed that a person is influenced by seven generations, theoretically resulting in 256 personalities lingering within us, ready to step in when needed. With such a vast array of options, you can rest assured that you are more than equipped for any situation.

Switching between the right personalities becomes an easy task when you acknowledge this and start using all your personalities strategically. One way to do this is to anchor the personality you want to embody through what you wear. Perhaps you have seen the movie “Catch Me if you can” featuring Leonardo DiCaprio? The main character slips into different personalities by changing clothes. And let’s consider the more romantic notion of superheroes, with Superman being the most famous example.

When you view your apparel as a means of slipping into different roles, it becomes more meaningful and deliberate – a powerful tool to remind your subconscious mind of who you truly are and who you aspire to be. Fashion trends become irrelevant, and the opinions of others no longer hold significance. You can liberate yourself from the shackles of expectations.

2nd rule: Step into your Comfort Zone

Unlike the popular advice to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion, you want to feel comfortable and true to yourself. While comfort may mean different things to different people, nobody can concentrate or showcase their best self in outfits that they don’t feel absolutely stunning in. If yours includes sneakers, make them iconic. If Snoop Dog can wear a tracksuit to a formal event, you can elevate any look as well. This is especially true in the post-COVID times when comfort is becoming the new norm. According to Forbes, just “the global knitwear market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% from 2021 to 2026, reaching $837.4 billion by 2026.”

3rd rule: Use the principles of love

Business and love share the same principles. This may seem counterintuitive and certainly against common teachings out there, however, if you seek high-quality connections, be self-centered. Consider how others can benefit you rather than solely focusing on how you can benefit the whole world. Talk less and listen more. Evaluate potential connections to see if they are a good fit. Choose wisely and take your time. This shift in perspective will make you less opportunistic and more mysterious and intriguing. Remember, women hunt through attraction, not with spears and bows.

In the end, all eyes are always on the confident, mysterious, and charismatic one. Make sure you embody that every second of your amazing journey called life.

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