Navigating Parkinson’s Disease & Mature Women Illuminated

Navigating Parkinson’s Disease & Mature Women Illuminated

Nikki A CreberLifestyle & Parkinson’s Coach,

CEO & Founder at Living My Own Authenticity

I am a local, national and international, mission-fueled and purpose-driven coach and advocate for men and women living with Parkinson’s disease. 

I am also a women’s change guide working with mature aged, postmenopausal women, raising their consciousness to step into the best and highest version of themselves.

As a coach, I am a confidante, counselor, guide and listener. As your advocate, I can be a loud or soft representative voice, a presence to support you and an ally to give you the opportunity to have your rights in place. Walking the walk and talking the talk are powerful states that speak to integrity, authenticity and sovereignty. It is imperative that leaders in their field and experts claim this. Walking my own journey with reflection and self-realisation assuredly has left footprints for others. 

Life Altering Moment #1 

My own experiences have each contributed significantly to my sense of purpose and advocacy in developing community awareness. I know my Feminessence visibility has grown, flowered and is recognisable because of these experiences. 

At the age of 48, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I went into shock and felt like a beached whale. I felt hopeless! 

My Parkinson’s disease diagnosis contributed to changing the course of my trajectory. I was a full-time deputy principal in a very busy school, and firmly on the promotion pathway. It felt like my life suddenly was stolen from me. I had to learn to live with a chronic, debilitating, degenerative and progressively developing disease that interrupts the body system on three distinct levels: motoric, non-motoric and neurological. 

Who Was I?

A few years after diagnosis, I got out of bed and crossed the room to go to the bathroom – and had a severe fright. There was someone in my room, and I saw her in the mirror. It took me some minutes to realise it was me – I just did not recognise myself! What had happened to me? I was stooped and hobbling. I was thin. I had lost control of my body, my hair was untidy and I looked like an invalid. 

A while later, a friend offered me a lifeline – a chance to oversee renovations on her home and restore her one-acre garden across an 18-month period. I said yes because I realised I was no longer in touch with any of my former passions. I had lost hope and given up on life. 

That sabbatical time taught me so much as I took myself off all drugs and laboured physically for two years. I pushed through all sorts of pain and brain fog barriers and came out the other side, once more the one in charge of my mind, my spirit and most importantly, my body. I could now turn and face the journey with Parkinson’s disease that had stolen my life. 

I still have Multiple System Atrophy, Parkinson’s disease and Parkinson’s Plus Syndrome, which means I am very well acquainted with the progression of this terrible disease and how difficult it is to live with its inevitable, chronic debilitating degenerative progression. I am alive beyond the normal stated life span by eight years – and that is because I am the one in control now. 

Life Altering Moment #2  

At age ten, my younger daughter Sammie was an amazing soccer player. She was selected for the regional team in our area. At one weekly competition game, she was struck on the back of the head and knocked out cold. Thus began the hardest five years of my life. 

I spent the next five years fighting to bring my brain-damaged daughter back. This is when I learned about the supreme power of neuroplasticity, as I helped my daughter recover from a brain injury when the doctors had left us with little hope. I used kinesiology with her daily for five years and it empowered neuroplasticity processes in her brain with healing and recovery. At the age of fifteen, she came out for breakfast one morning and I could see it in her eyes – my daughter was restored.  

Neurologically we can change. We can grow new neural pathways and heal our brains. 

Discovering Audaciousness 

I became aware of my audacious centre through a sudden accidental emergency. I was called upon to hold a young man’s abdominal wall together and his intestines in, while simultaneously trying to maintain a conversation and his consciousness. There came a moment when I ran out of energy to stay on task, and I felt faint with fatigue and fear. As I struggled, I felt something deep in my heart wrench, perhaps shift a gear… and my whole persona was overrun with an unfamiliar embracing and enervating warmth and strength. The ambulance finally arrived and the young man survived his emergency surgery and thrives to this day. 

It wasn’t until a few years later I had the chance to really reflect on that experience, finding that my heart, my strength, and my sense of self had been changed. It is delightful to work with clients and observe the long-term shifts and transformation occurring in their ability to curate their own directions, purposes and lives because they understand how to ‘plump up’ their audacious heart 

space. Being able to rely upon using my own well of audaciousness has added a new dimension of confidence, making my Feminessence more available to me every day.

Locating the STAR Within

My 18-month sabbatical taught me how to maintain my strength, so I can support, encourage and guide clients on their various pathways today. I work with women seeking connection with their divine sovereign selves through a transformative path that locates the STAR within (Savvy, Transforming, Audaciously and Realising your agency). I have developed my own Changework 

process within Lifestyle Protocols – Locate Audacious You®. This process weaves together the wisdom a woman gathers as she traverses various life roles: sister, friend, mother, aunt, lover, wife, homemaker, teacher, party girl, grandmother, maven, advisor, elder, wise woman and ‘crone’. 

These myriad expressions of a woman in her life journey are my constant impetus, helping her to: 

  • nurture her unique expression. 
  • nourish its continued growth. 
  • nurse those expressions into new and further variations.

My feminine edge has informed the design of the Changework process I use with clients to: 

  • interrogate each lived experience for its lessons. 
  • adopt one’s value set to become one’s compass. 
  • reflect on and reframe, identify and transform negative self-talk.
  • holistically approach body, mind, soul and heart.

My counselling, coaching and mentoring are about helping others, particularly women, unpack their individual story. I am passionate about living my authenticity and sovereignty. I believe making more visible my own increasingly strong sense of Feminessence has enabled me to move more deeply into all aspects of my work with the aim of releasing the subconscious blocks that keep one stuck and prevent one from being their best self. 

Through various tools inside my programs, I guide luminescent women – and those yet fearful of shining – to drill down to the deepest heart recesses and shine their light on their iridescent souls. The created radiance carries back and enables the definition and distinction of their beautiful feminine essence. The reservoir of audaciousness lies deep within the heart space, and the conduit to finding that place, the deep well, that reservoir, is my craft of HEARTSCOPING. Part and parcel of Heartscoping is reading auras and listening with great attention. It is teaching others how to plumb their deep well of audaciousness. 

My programs include Mature Women Illuminated, Presence Plus Strategist, Navigating Parkinson’s Disease® and Parkinson’s Lifestyle Protocols®

 I’ve walked my own journey. I’ve been there. I know.

Let me be there for you.

‘Nikki brings to her clients the wisdom, leadership, beautiful feminine energy and decades of experience…. From her work in the field of Parkinson’s to her transformative work with women in business. Nikki possesses grace and humility rarely seen and is a standout businesswoman and human.’ – GH 2019


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