How to boost your business visibility in just 30-60 min/day

How to boost your business visibility in just 30-60 min/day 

Ziza Natur

As an online business owner who handles most of the responsibilities, besides my work as a musician and author, I know how overwhelming it can feel sometimes to think about boosting business visibility. You already have so many things to do, clients to serve, teams to manage, and your life to live. You can’t afford to spend hours on social media creating content, writing long email campaigns, or endlessly engaging with your audience on Instagram. Even if you delegate tasks to your team, when you want to build a strong personal brand and position yourself as a leader, you can’t avoid certain activities, such as showing up on video. 

This is why I’ve focused my work on making visibility the easiest and most fun task on your to-do list. By constantly tweaking my methods and strategies, I discovered what are the key 3 strategies to emphasize if you want to grow your visibility in just 30-60 minutes/day:

  1. Expand your online visibility beyond social media.

If you market your business online, you might fall into the trap of putting all your visibility efforts into social media. Truth is, people have been growing businesses long before social media appeared. Your marketing strategy should focus on showing up in front of as many audiences as possible, in as many environments as possible. 

2. Choose earned media that allows you to show up in front of your target audience in large numbers.

Earned media means every environment where you show up in front of audiences that someone else brought together. This is an incredibly powerful strategy – your credibility is higher, as the community leader positions you as an expert in front of their audience. The most effective tools that I use are speaking and podcast guesting. You have the undivided attention of your target audience, ready to learn from you and be a part of your world. Unlike social media, there is no barrier to communication (especially with speaking), so your audience is much more responsive, the amount of time they spend consuming your content is higher, and trust is built much faster. 

3. Find your zone of genius and create a signature talk that helps you grow your reputation around it. 

What is the key transformation that your clients share after working with you? If you look back at your clients’ testimonials, you will discover a common thread: your zone of genius, where you truly shine. You are undoubtedly good at other things, but your brilliance is what will build your reputation as an expert in “that area”. You can’t be known for 1000 things, so focus on your zone of genius, and watch your reputation and credibility skyrocket. 

Growing your business visibility does not have to be hard. With the help of some simple strategies (and even hiring someone who can take the weight off your shoulders), you can position yourself as a leader in your industry without burning yourself out, while enjoying the process and living your best life.

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