Helping Professionals Escape the Emotional Captivity of Divorce


Helping Professionals Escape the Emotional Captivity of Divorce

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Get Over~It And Live! 

I’d been served divorce papers. 

How could I move forward in my life, having been with the same person for more than 25 years? How was change possible? But I would learn that the catalyst for my change was rooted in the pain and despair I found in facing the fact that my life would never be the same again. 

It all starts with forgiving yourself – as I had to. You see, getting out of my own way and taking full responsibility for my choices, and the way that I responded to what was happening to me, were the key components in my healing. The power of forgiveness is only limited by those who have not fully experienced its freedom. 

They say in your darkest hour is when your real strength emerges. With a conviction to keep moving forward, I was determined to find my light – and that’s when I decided to hire a coach for myself. My coach taught me that life happens for me not to me. I had no idea at the time that this decision was going to propel me onto a life-changing trajectory. My coach would often say to me, ‘Have you ever considered being a divorce coach yourself and helping women who don’t know which way to turn?’ 

I didn’t hear him. My ears were plugged because I was just worried about SURVIVING myself and couldn’t care less about helping others. I wanted MY life back. Little did I know then, but he was planting the seeds for me to thrive…. not just survive. I learned how to squash the victim mentality and realised I had a story to tell that could be of value to others. Even though a story can inspire, I was way out of my comfort zone, stepping into unknown territory when I decided to become a coach myself. 

But, if I was going to be a divorce coach, I wanted to learn from the six- and seven-figure earners in the industry. I hired multiple coaches, attended various events, training and conferences, all during the heart of the pandemic. My living room became my office and meeting hub. A word of advice here – don’t ever allow your circumstances to dictate your actions. 

I began connecting with people from all over the planet. At a Tony Robbins conference, he said, ‘You are who you surround yourself with. Proximity is POWER.’ So, I joined an exclusive mastermind of coaches because to be the best version of myself, I needed to be amongst the elite. I went all in on myself, getting a masters certification in neuro-linguistic programming and becoming a licensed hypnotherapist and to this day, I meet weekly with phenomenal coaches from all over the world whom I now call family (aka ‘FAM’)! 

With an indescribable belief in myself, I am now on a mission to serve as many women as I can reach. I believe my feminine side has given me the empathy and deep-rooted understanding to relate to the professional woman who has gone through a divorce and subsequently encased herself in an emotional prison. I hid behind a mask to cover the shame, confusion, anger and fear of being divorced. Knowing the pain of trying to go it alone and getting nowhere was self-inflicted torture. 

As a woman, facing the barrage of emotions that were holding me captive has turned out to be the backbone of what I do. Although everyone has their own experience, divorce is divorce. Having gone through divorce and come out on the other side has made me relatable and authentic. For some women, getting out of the bed is a major step. Others completely bury their emotions and wear a smile, but deep inside they are being held captive by the pain of divorce. 

No matter where you are on your path, when you lock arms with me, we go on a journey of healing and transformation together. I will be your tour guide for change. As clients awaken to their inner warrioress, the once dimmed light begins to illuminate. I stand firm on honesty, and I tell my clients what they need to hear NOT what they want to hear. The major G.O.A.L. that I urge women to make a priority is to ‘get over~it and live!’ 

I am naturally honest to the core. So when I coach women, I think my authenticity shines like a kind of lighthouse guiding lost ships to shore. I am unapologetically me. To be honest, I refuse to get caught up in what others think about me. Because of this, the real me always shines through and my sincerity is felt. 

Today I am serving women by showing them the POWER in asking for help, because it is TIME to love life again. Life is waiting for them, and it is TIME to set some GOALS, like get over~it and live. My goal is to show divorcees that there really is a magnificent life on the other side of divorce. 


My private community on Facebook, ‘Loving Your Life After Divorce’, is growing in leaps and bounds, and I constantly share my unique stance on moving forward after divorce, which is to make it your G.O.A.L. to get over~it and live. If you want a touchy-feely place to hang, this is not it. Unlike other groups, we are about forward thinking. I host events, provide written and video content and I hold five-day virtual retreats exclusive to group members. 

I remember a woman reached out to me online and said I saved her life. She lived on the other side of the world, had two small children and was contemplating suicide. She read a post I had written on Facebook and said it stirred something within to help her see that her existence was not a mistake! That’s the power of the written word! 

Time is a precious commodity. For those of us divorcees starting our new chapter, it is critical to know that we don’t have to take this road alone. We can expedite our breakthroughs by locking arms with someone who has the recipe for a magnificent life after divorce. But YOU must ask for help and not be ashamed. Be a victor not a victim

I offer complementary clarity calls for women interested in learning what the next steps look like to Loving Your Life Again. Those who are tired of marinating in their own ‘stuckness’, exhausted from the incessant back and forth whirlwind of self-doubt, fearful that healing is something beyond their reach, sign up for my six-week exploration to discover The First Steps to Emotional Freedom. 

Because we all rock our own authentic vibe, my programs are tailored to each individual and are ‘Unique to You.’ I have even given little nicknames to some of the areas my clients and I explore. ‘Find Your Why’, ‘Forbidden Talk’, ‘Enough is Enough’, ‘May the Force Be with You’ and ‘Believe it or Not’ are just a taste of my no nonsense, down-to-earth, relatable flair. For those who are ready to ignite their fire within, ‘Be the CEO of Your Life’ is a six-month experience for women desiring to not just live life, but to love their life on purpose. Aren’t you a teeny bit curious of what meaning the queen of acronyms has assigned to the letters CEO?

Maybe you’re in a situation and you’ve made the decision to go on with your life but you’re on the verge of second guessing the ‘grass is greener’ thing? Or maybe you’re still with someone and you’re going through the battle of do I leave, or do I stay? 

When are you going to realise that you deserve happiness? You can choose to go it alone, refuse help, or you can even choose to stay suffering by yourself. No matter if you’re in a disintegrating marriage, or you’re divorced, there’s this block, there’s this force, there’s this wall. It keeps people stuck and in denial. And it keeps them soaking their soul in misery and hopelessness. 

But what if you just raise your hand and ask for help? What if you stop allowing divorce or a failed relationship to define your destiny? What could you do today, what decision could you make right now, to give yourself permission to love your life on purpose? 

Oftentimes after divorce, we not only lose our confidence, but we lose our way. I am determined to light the way for women all over the world! 

You are not alone. I got you! Yes, honey, I am here to be your reflection and show you your Feminessence.

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