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Alexis JaneBusiness Mindset Coach, Compelling Leading


Alexis Jane helps high-level executive women become successful entrepreneurs by cracking their fear code. 

She works with them to break their mental blocks about money and helps them get rid of their limiting beliefs that they are not worthy. And Alexis knows what she speaks – because she has been there. She understands what many women face in the work force and in their personal lives. 

She started her business about six years ago after a traumatic relationship break from her husband. The story will be all too familiar to many women who are left after a break-up feeling depressed, anxious, unworthy, and stuck in their lives. Alexis saw many different therapists, seeking help wherever she could, but she still felt stuck in the past, reliving the trauma and unable to move forward in any meaningful way.  

‘One day I went on a search for something different and I found a two-day personal development program that opened my eyes to life coaching. I went on my own journey of transformation and started to study mindset, NLP, timeline, hypothesis and many other therapies’, she recalls. ‘I found this helped me create an inspiring future that drove me forward and got me unstuck. In addition, at this time, my appendix almost burst, and I had to have a shoulder reconstruction all on the right side of my body. This is where I started to understand that stuck emotions will manifest themselves into the physical body.’

She now understands the enormous role that emotions play in our overall health and knows the right questions to ask her clients. If a current client complains of stomach problems, her first question will be to ask what parts of her life have not been ‘digested’. Alexis has found considerable success with this approach. She recalls working with one particular client, asking this question and it changed the client’s life completely – from her business to her health and fitness. So much so, that the client went on to win a prestigious international award. The right questions are extremely powerful, Alexis maintains. 

Alexis’s own story of renewal and redemption began when she woke up on the kitchen floor with a note left next to her. She knew, at that point, that things had to change. ‘I wrote the note myself, although I do not remember writing it. I was in a really dark place in my life and I did not feel supported by family. I also had an abusive boyfriend. I found some pills and got drunk, although I did not have an ongoing drinking problem at the time. I was home alone, my daughter was with her father, and I just wanted to numb the pain. I was hoping not to wake up.’ 

‘After I became sober, I realised I had to be here. I could not imagine my daughter living life without me in it. Everything changed for me. I became healthy and focused on creating a different life.’ 

‘Because of my past challenges and how I have moved through them, I am really able to relate to women who are going through challenges or who have stuck emotions. I dance between the feminine and masculine energies and help my clients tap into their intuition and be in more “flow”.’ 

Alexis has always been an intuitive people person. She is good at being able to connect with all types of personalities. She comes from a family of four girls and has always been very social. In the past, she was a personal trainer, a real estate agent and also worked in hospitality for 17 years, so she has vast experience in dealing with people on an everyday basis and knows what makes them tick. She has always shown a special knack for understanding how people think, how to relate to them and how to unleash their inner abilities without fear or compromise.

As a single mom, Alexis knows how hard it can be to start a business. ‘I didn’t really understand business when I first started. I thought I needed to act like a man. I am the girl who jumps and finds her wings on the way down.’ 

I first started my business wanting to help women move away from abusive relationships and realise their own self-worth. On my own personal journey, I went to lots of workshops, hired coaches and immersed myself in numerous self-learning techniques. Along the way, I fell in love with business and with the idea of helping women executives dig deeper into themselves. I feel that helping women uncover who they are can accelerate their lives and business to the next level.’ 


‘For years I compared myself to men in business. I grew up watching my dad build an extraordinarily successful real estate agency in a male dominated business. I have since learned that we are all equal. Men have had the confidence to ask for what they want but women usually accept the first offer without asking for more.’  

Alexis started out under-charging for the work that she was doing or doing it for free because she was too scared to sell. Now she loves sales, and knows that if she is not selling, she is not serving her purpose in the world. 

‘I now have the confidence to sell because I have evidence that my clients are getting amazing results. I realise that it’s not about the money. It’s about the transformation the client goes through when I work with them. I now have more confidence than ever, and that has happened by serving my clients to the absolute best of my ability.’ 

She works with six-figure, high-level executive women who are ready to smash down the walls of corporate life to build the business and life they are dreaming of. They are often struggling to manage their time, their cash flow is an issue and their confidence is low.

‘I help them break through blocks around money, how to attract clients, increase cash flow and do the inner work necessary to succeed in business and life. I help them become the rock stars that they are, to fully celebrate their selves, and to be the most authentic version of themselves they can be!’ she says.

Her clients rave about her work with them and are getting amazing results.

‘I was putting in a lot of work and reaping little to no monetary benefit. I was stressed. I was closed off, my energy was all over the place and after doing the one on-one-coaching with Lexi, my business took off. I went from barely selling $500, $600, even $1,000 packages to launching and locking down $3,000 clients regularly. I now have a fantastic multifaceted business that I love doing.’ L B

Alexis grew up not understanding that if she wanted something badly enough it was within her to go out and get it. Now that she understands the power of manifesting. She knows that an aligned focus brings strength, clarity and the ability to have all that you can ever desire in life – and that is how she helps her clients crack the code of fear and begin to achieve the success they have always dreamed of.

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