The “Walking Talking MRI”


The “Walking Talking MRI” – Medical Intuitive


‘It Always Works Out’- JS 


I grew up in Kuwait. 

My Dad was Greek Arabic and grew up there. My Mum had met him in her travels and fell in love with him. It was a romantic story, but it quickly turned sour as she was trapped there. She had to learn to speak Arabic quickly, as she was forced to stay with my dad’s family. She had to adhere to their ‘ways and dress full face and body covered. She had to cook ‘their way’ and do as she was told. If you have read the book ‘Not Without My Daughter’, it was similar to that story. I recall being told continually as a child, ‘The Arabs are coming to get you!’ I was in terror the whole time growing up there. Eventually, my Mum convinced my Dad that life would be better if they moved to Australia, where she was from.


I soon learned that, as a girl, it was frowned upon to shine my brilliance. Having the ability to see within a body like an x-ray was seen as evil and outrageous. Children speak how they feel and say what they mean. That was me. I could see when people would die through their aura when they had diseases and growths and what the outcome would be. I did not hesitate to say it. This was seen as evil and the devil’s work in my culture. I would be called names by the village people and had an evil eye pinned to my clothes to ward off evil spirits. 

After I was born, my Mum had cervical cancer and could not have any more children. This added to the illusion that I was the devil, as I was seen to have tainted the womb and would curse the family and the village. I was told every day until I was 16 years old that I was bad luck, so I believed it for a long time. I hated being feminine and hid it by being a tomboy and making sure I was NOT attractive in any way. Deep down, I had so much pain in my heart as I wanted to share my instinctive Medical Intuition. But my ‘training’ and ‘education’ was to stay quiet and small. It was safer being masculine.


Medical Intuition 

When I was 5, we moved to Australia, and I became aware that women here were able to have a career and be themselves, truly expressing their talents. I knew in my heart that one day I would be able to share my gift of Medical Intuition with the world and teach women to shine their brilliance too. I knew my gift was seeing inside peoples’ bodies and being able to make them feel better. I was able to practice on friends at school, as I knew I was safe to be myself with my close girlfriends. Kim and I would share everything, and one day she said, ‘I feel sick.’ I could see she was fearful, so I asked what she was frightened of. She said it was the spelling test. When I talked to her and allowed her to share her fears, she said she did not feel sick anymore. As I share this now, it seems so simple, and it was – for a 6-year-old child. 

In High School, my best friend Sarah and I would do everything together. I noticed one day she came to school with crutches and asked what had happened. She said she woke up and could not walk on her left leg. When I looked in her body, I saw cancer in her knee. As I looked deeper, I could see an emotional attachment to why cancer started. She felt like she did not have choices. Her Mum was an English teacher and had high expectations of what Sarah should do and be as a student and a lady. Sarah HAD to learn and play the piano; she didn’t want to. Sarah HAD to learn German and French; she didn’t want to. Sarah HAD to do ballet; she didn’t want to. Sarah HAD to do drama lessons to help her English spoken word; she didn’t want to. I could see this lack of choices was building emotionally in Sarah’s knee, creating cancer. I couldn’t tell her she had cancer, but I did tell her that I loved her and that she had choices. She needed to discuss these with her mum. I also suggested she see a Doctor as her leg needed it. Sarah gave me that look of ‘I don’t what you mean, Jean, but I trust you.’ Sure enough, the diagnosis was cancer of the knee. Looking back, I saw many diseases in the teachers but never said anything. With Kim and Sarah, I felt safe to access my feminine side. 



When I was sixteen, my mother died, and I became homeless. I had to finish my last year at school in secrecy – as it was safer to do so. It was a relief to be away from the home as there were all types of abuse from my Dad. Yes, it included physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual. I recall waking up on the floor to a loud bang noise and something warm dripping on my foot. I did not have a bed and slept on the floor. The bang was Dad grabbing my Mum by the hair with a knife at her neck. The warm drip was her blood. He was yelling “I am going to kill her!” This was one of many occasions of abuse. I recall Mum having money for food, and while we were eating at the table, Dad came home drunk again, picked up the plate, and smashed it on the floor. I was then expected to eat the food from the floor, including the shards of the plate that had smashed and was told I was a dog, so I was to eat like a dog from the floor. 

At one stage, my mum and I had run away from my Dad, and she found a place for us to stay. Dad found us, broke the door down, and hit me from behind on the neck. I woke up on the floor from being unconscious. That is, I began to learn how to express my Feminessence. I needed to learn to be myself, know my destiny, listen to my heart and intuition and follow my dreams. I learned possibilities and potentiality very quickly. My journey guided me to become a nurse, so I could understand what I was seeing inside the human body. My innate wisdom led me to work in pathology and autopsies to quantify what I could see metaphysically and physically. I saw the need to understand the truth about people’s health and how they need to feel empowered to be physically well. 

A niggling voice in my head said, ‘They will reject you. Don’t say anything. That is when I became suicidal. I had the pills in my hand and was ready to end my life. Then I had a vision of my toddler son who was at childcare and thought, ‘I can’t do it’. I had a heart-felt mission to empower women and help them shine their brilliance using Medical Intuition. My nursing girlfriends started calling me ‘The Walking Talking MRI’. My work today involves events and keynote speaking, and I’ve written 6 Amazon best-selling books. My gift is to empower women so they can shine their brilliance.


It Always Works Out

I had no intention of starting a business. It all unfolded perfectly accidentally. When my nursing friends shared what I could do for others, requests poured in. I was continually asked for my business card, but I was not actually in business. I suddenly had speaking events, requests for magazine articles and proposals to learn what I do. The WHY was most important to me as it meant others could be empowered from within, not without. The HOW just unfolded easily. Today I still pinch myself as I know how blessed I am to have the ability to help so many people globally. I remember the joy I felt seeing my first client, a nursing friend, go from doom to thrive and jive. And at the end of my eight-day immersion Medical Intuition events, to witness people have miracles occur is my reason for doing what I do.

The feminine side is a superpower of men and women, but especially women, of course. I use all things feminine to get me where I am today, including Crystals, Intuition, Sacred Geometry, and Medical Intuition healing. The feminine superpower is an innate understanding in your heart that guides you to live your purpose. When I embraced this feminine superpower, my life changed radically from poverty, self-sabotage, such as not accepting opportunities when they were offered, and pain – to an easy personal and professional life, abundant, rich in life and pure love. My favourite saying is based on the theme of ‘It always works out’. And it does! Once I embraced the true gift of being a woman, my career took off. I now speak on cruise ships, at universities, I’ve been featured in a movie, and I do interviews on podcasts and on TV, etc. A woman’s gifts, her intuition and her ability to tune in to the universe are amazing. 

It does always work out.


Connecting From The Heart

I remember as a child talking to an older woman about what I could see inside her body. She embraced my openness and vulnerability. But that was rare. When I was nursing, I could connect with patients from the heart. It is the easiest thing to do. When you genuinely listen with your heart, you can connect with anyone and their femininity. It is that feeling you have when you instinctively know them and deeply connect with them without logic or reason. It is like when babies look into your eyes, and you know they are connecting with you. As adults, we forget and are told not to connect that way. When you do, though, you feel that person’s absolute love and core blueprint. Everyone can feel that if they allow themselves to. For some, it is linked to feelings and emotions; for others, it is like butterflies in their abdomen. It has always been there for me, but I was fearful of showing it until I learned through nursing that this innate ability is my strength to help others.

When I first started in business, I was told to go to networking events. It was not my ‘thing’ as it was quite masculine back in the day. But I played the game of being like a man to be accepted. What an absolute failure for me! It did not work – and I probably looked ridiculous thinking about it now. The more I tried to be something I was not, the more I failed in business. As soon as I became the woman I am, it opened the door to many amazing people, opportunities and connections. Women have a gift of connection from the heart and know how to support each other. That is what business is about; connections, support, community and empowering each other. If everyone tapped into this, each business would thrive. They say, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, and I say, ‘it takes a community to empower each other.


Finding Your Feminessence 

The most important aspect when being in your Feminessence is to be open, honest, vulnerable and come from the heart. I try to ‘be the example of what is possible,’ as this allows other women to find their true power and purpose. Women have a gift of intuition, and they live life with purpose when they access this superpower. The fundamental essence of my work is to help women access their intuition and innate gifts so they can shine their brilliance.

In my 25+ years of this work, I can recall so many women going from limited, blocked, stuck and in pain to creating their heart’s desires. Through my online and offline Millennium Modality ® events, I see my gorgeous clients become the example of what is possible.


Here are a couple of examples I’d like to share:

Bre was a nurse who wanted to know what direction to go in, but she could not make it happen. This is what she says … “I was guided to Jean Sheehan at a time when I was questioning my career direction. Little did I know, through synchronistic meetings, that connecting with Jean in her 8-day course of Millennium Modality® Medical Intuition would awaken me to see my full potential, my sparkles of brilliance and reconnect with ME! It was like being struck by a lightning bolt of pure love. The insights, the inward unfolding, kept leading to one epiphany after another about my innate self while being supported in the unravelling. I finished the course with such clarity and unexpected awareness. Jean Sheehan is Absolute Love, and that emanates from her being. You can feel it in her touch, the way she speaks and looks at you. Her knowledge is amazing, and she explains things in a way you can easily understand. Don’t expect her to answer all your questions, as the tough ones she directs you to find are those answers deep within yourself… Attend a course, and you’ll soon know what I mean! I loved every minute of my time in the course, and it won’t be my last. Jean Sheehan, you are amazing!”

Jaimie is a successful business owner debating whether to sell her business or make changes. She had lost her way and her Feminessence. She shares, “Having just completed a 2-day Modern Medicine Woman course with Jean, I can honestly say that it was, hands down, the most empowering and liberating personal development course I have ever attended. From the communication in the lead-up to the event to the heart-felt structure of the weekend, the venue, the food and the tribe of women that Jean held so much time and space for over the weekend, I would recommend so highly that you allow yourself the opportunity to attend one of the course offerings. Jean certainly leaves no stone unturned in ensuring you get the very best out of the teachings she delivers – this is what I know to be true. Thank you, beautiful QUEEN, for allowing me to reclaim my story and move into a place of ALL the LOVE. Much gratitude, dearest lady!”

Maraea was searching for her tribe and connection to home. She was a gorgeous Maori woman who lost her connection to her culture and innate Feminessence. She was running her life and business from the masculine, and she was lost. She attended my eight-day immersion, and WOW! Tears flowed from everyone that participated, especially from me. She returned home to her heart. This is what she says “I started doing courses with Jean, and each one has been a stepping stone for my growth and learning. I didn’t have direction before then and just went with the motions. Now I have a purpose, confidence, and direction, and I know who I am. Jean brings out the brilliance in every one of us. Jean can see what we cannot see in ourselves. You make longtime friendships and connections with like-minded people too. Thank you, Jean, for opening those doors for me!”  Maraea

My heart is whole, and tears are rolling down my cheeks as I share this. I know what it was like to feel squashed as a woman – and to see these women shine their brilliance is… WOW!

When I am interviewed, I am asked if I have words of wisdom and about my legacy. My words are ‘It always works out.” We forget when we are not our REAL selves. And my legacy? Like every other woman in their true Feminessence, it is to be the example of what is possible. 

My legacy is to help you stop hiding from yourself and allow you to shine your brilliance!

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