Destiny Rescue Free Ten Women During Raid

paul-mergard-featured-imageDestiny Rescue Free Ten Women During Raid

Paul Mergard

Destiny Rescue agents jumped into action after learning of ten young women who had moved to a city in South Asia to find work. Instead, they were lured by a human trafficker into a life of exploitation.

Finding work in remote villages in South Asia can be difficult. The limited economies are quickly saturated, so younger community members must leave home to find a way to sustain themselves. 

Such was the case for ten young women who moved from their modest homes to the city to find work. One by one, they were discovered and recruited to work in a local spa. This is usually an exciting prospect because a career in the service industry is highly coveted in many parts of the world.

But it wasn’t long before the truth came to light: they haven’t valued members of a reputable spa. They were viewed as a commodity, deceived by a human trafficker into a horrific life of sexual exploitation.

Destiny Rescue — an international organization that rescues children from child sex trafficking — learned about this situation. Here, they share an exclusive with our readers about what unfolded next. 

The Tip

Word came to us through a trusted informant: children and young women were being exploited at a nearby spa. 

As soon as we got the intel, our team jumped into action. Agents on the ground disguised themselves as customers and went undercover to gather more data.

They entered the establishment in the guise of men looking for more than a typical spa experience. They encountered ten “hostesses,” all between 15 and 18 years old. While undercover, agents learned that the victims were forced to commit sex acts under threats of blackmail. 

Then agents took it one step further: upon meeting the victims, our operatives dropped their cover for a moment, revealing they were Destiny Rescue agents investigating reports of exploitation. 

The response was indisputable: the abused girls and young women immediately asked to be rescued.

The Raid

That impassioned request was all our agents needed to proceed. Our next step was notifying the authorities. The countless hours agents have spent proving their worth have helped us solidify a strong relationship with local police. By repeatedly showing that our organization operates with the utmost integrity, officers have come to trust that everything we do is for the children we rescue. 

We teamed up with child services and police to execute a raid at the spa. All ten victims were rescued! In addition, several offenders, including the trafficker and a couple of sex buyers, were taken into custody by police.

Following a medical checkup, survivors joined our agents in debriefing the police to build a solid case against the criminals who’d exploited them. Afterward, the girls and young women were cared for at a shelter, where they received counseling for the trauma they endured. 

Our agents began the laborious and delicate process of locating and contacting the survivors’ families. Often, victims come from remote villages where communication is limited, making the logistical aspect of reunification difficult at times. Thankfully, now all the survivors have been reunited with their families! 

If you would like more information or want to join us to help find and free more exploited children, please visit our website.


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