A Life of Continuous Improvement

sheppard-inglis-featured-imageA Life of Continuous Improvement

Sheppard Inglis

My life aspirations and career direction have recently changed in recent years and even in recent days.  Allow me to explain. 

Covid was not an easy time for any of us at best, myself included. But in recent self-reflection, I realized there was some growth and positive seed planting for new life opportunities.

I sat a sermon on 23 November 2014 and the key takeaway was “When Principle and Preference conflict, always follow Principle. While the point is clear and the message is direct; This is not always as easily carried out.

My new career direction has led me into a committed life of Safety Management Systems and Health Safety Environment and Quality.  Reading an aviation resource, International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO Safety Management Systems define it as a systematic approach to managing safety….to continuously improve safety performance.  It wasn’t long before I realized that the same approach applies to how I need to navigate my life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and professionally; continuously improving.

ICAO goes on to explain that a safety culture is an expression of how safety is perceived, valued, and prioritized.  The Principles of an ICAO Safety system enable a Just Culture, Informed Culture, Reporting Culture, Learning Culture, and Flexible Culture. 

There it is…”When Principle and Preference Conflict, always follow Principle!

Bringing this back to my own life path (and my hope is that it is for your life and journey) are daily moments of self-reflection and awareness to empower a continuously improving life.  Here are some tools I use that I hope you will find useful.

Father above (you can use your spiritual power or God of your own understanding) ; please help me today to seek you in these areas…

I) To be aware of the risks and hazards to me from my own self-doubt and getting into my own headspace with “Noise”

II) Help me to Continuously behave to uphold my integrity and enhance my life.

III) Be humbled in my own reserve to ask for help and seek resources necessary to live a safe, peaceful, and meaningful life.

IV) Empower me with a willing heart to be able to adapt when facing issues in my life.

V) May I have an openness to be able to communicate with others when I feel weak and issues arise.

VI) Gift me the knowledge to continuously assess my own safety-related risks and behaviors as they arise in my life.

In closing, I leave you with this thought.  You are NOT alone.  You are amazing and have so much goodness, value and love, and life to give and receive.  Please don’t doubt that amazing gift you are to many in your personal and professional life. When Principle and Preference conflict in your life, always follow Principle.

Be. Good, stay strong, keep healthy! It’s the CanAussie way!


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