Unlocking Financial Freedom


Unlocking Financial Freedom

Genene WilsonFinesse Advisers

Financial Planner and Money Mentor

‘Every woman is worthy of a bright, happy future.’ GW

Are you on track financially? How can you improve your financial future? What’s getting in your way?

These are some of the key questions that Genene Wilson asks her clients. 

She was inspired to found Finesse Financial Advisors in 2018 after she realised that women continue to be financially disadvantaged and that they still lag behind their male counterparts. She resigned from a large corporation because she felt her own values – and women’s values in general were unappreciated and out of alignment. So she opened her own financial services practice in August 2018.

‘If you’ve ever taken a bullet to the heart, you’ll know what I mean. I realised there is no point putting “band-aids on bullet wounds”. I felt that in the corporate world, I was always waiting for the bullet to strike. I was uneasy and lived under a shroud of “not being good enough”, Genene says.

‘I was bullied and stripped of my ego. And when you take one or many bullets over your lifetime, the surface may heal, but what lies beneath, not so much! That hurt and pain will sit there for years doing a lot of damage that you cannot see. It’s messy. Unconsciously you’ll repeatedly attempt to deal with serious problems in an inadequate way, frustrating yourself, piling it on, building a mountain of resentment and making one misstep after another.’

‘I saw it in myself and others. And, as I started to do the deeper work on myself, I recognised that other women wanted the same results – to rebuild their life and happiness, and to get control of their financial situation, particularly if they have been through a traumatic event. I recognised that it is about finding a rebalance and using their feminine energy to unlock the new life of their dreams.’

‘The daily grind of putting on the black and white pinstripe suit (sic! armour) and working really hard in my corporate job and for the wellbeing of my clients was all consuming. And at the day’s end left me feeling apathetic, exhausted and overwhelmed. I swung back and forth between my passion for helping people and being in the exit lounge of corporate life. I was mentally tired and physically sick with no energy to live my dream life. Eventually the discontent and disconnection became a compromise my family and I were unwilling to make.’

‘I felt like there were two of me. The corporate businesswoman dedicated, shrewd, a people pleaser, devoid of any true feelings. Then there was the other woman – a homemaker, mother, friend, outwardly seeming to have it all and be in control. Truth is, I was avoiding my true feelings, lacked self-care and I was frustrated and resentful.’

‘You have to do the work! When it became apparent to me in late 2018 that my body was failing, I still did not want to accept it! I think back now and recall me saying “my brain is working but my body isn’t”. It was then that I really started using my intellect to figure out that I need to work on the whole person.’ 

‘I had been avoiding all the signals my body sent me and was being driven by my brain. I was effectively self-sabotaging! That was my epiphany! I went on a quest to build a team of people around me to support both my inner and outer being, champion the helpless (body) and destroy the demons (in my mind).’

Genene had pushed herself until her health failed. She knew she couldn’t go on, despite it being just three short months after launching the business. The decision to deal with her immediate health issues first, then build a team of people around her, set her on a new, enlightened path. Doing the work on the inside, releasing herself from the emotions, acknowledging the feelings and behaviours and being accountable to herself, brought her into her feminine power and helped her to realise that she is just one woman, not Wonder Woman.

‘I got really clear on my purpose during those months of recovery. I did a lot of mindset work and got comfortable with my belief in my own worthiness. I realised that if that happened to me, a smart entrepreneur, it could happen to anyone. My passion became to improve outcomes for women, because every woman is worthy of a bright happy future. The business idea was reborn, with a focus on women who are going through some sort of traumatic life event, like separation or divorce, the death of a partner or significant person in their life or having to step back due to ill health. These are women who would benefit from rebuilding, perhaps from the ground up. 

Another realisation is that focusing on the money, without addressing what is going on across all areas of one’s life, just does not work. People talk about holistic advice, but I wanted to deliver life-changing advice. 

‘For me, it’s not just about the money, although there is nothing wrong with liking money. It is a powerful feeling to make progress, and see others progressing. When you lift others around you, you rise too. When we are true to our feminine essence every single piece of the puzzle comes together effortlessly. 

My time of self-reflection, of questioning myself, of feeding my senses, of spending time with other women recharging and of filling myself back up again has brought me to this place where I am very comfortable. Now it feels natural to speak with other women about my truth, my intentions, my passion and my purpose in a powerful and empowering way. I feel as though that helps others to understand more fully themselves and the work they may need to do. I see it as a kindness and I often observe others release what does not serve them, show greater compassion for themselves and move more quickly through intersections in life.

Finesse Financial Advisors offers life-changing financial advice, and her Financial Freedom in Heels is an on-demand learning platform. It is low cost, easy to use and accessible, offering bite-sized modular training to help get the financial results you want. Genene offers lots of free podcasts, newsletters, insights and other products such as her Bright Happy Future scorecard so clients can assess areas of vulnerability and clear action steps.

A lot has changed for Genene. Having recently reawakened her consciousness, she feels realigned with her need to nurture, her creativity, intuition and empathy. She spends more time feeling into things. She is happy when she is listening, helping, sharing and caring about self and community. It has opened her up, and what she has found (and observed in others) is that when she is more connected to her true self and inner power, it lifts everyone around her.  

‘I’m not certain it’s all feminine energy. I believe that it’s a balance. You need both masculine and feminine energies after all, wisdom, spirituality, intuition and empathy are not the remit of women alone. Feeling instead of thinking all the time has not detracted from my skill and expertise as a Financial Advisor. It’s enhanced it, giving a more balanced view and approach to crafting custom solutions for my clients. 

Building a support team around yourself is about growth, cooperation and collaboration rather than competition. 

And that’s why mentoring works. It gives you peace of mind that you’ve got people you can trust by your side when you need them as you take steps to build your dream life.


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