G-Spot Sex Therapy Down Under – Samaya Temple of Tantra


G-Spot Sex Therapy Down Under – Samaya Temple of Tantra

Certified Sexologist, Couple’s Therapist, Tantric Educator & Reiki Master

Keeping Couples Evolving

Rebecca (Bec) Bucci is an expert in g-spot sex therapy. It is a subject that is embarrassing to some and even shameful to others. Yet sex is the most natural thing in the world – and issues in the bedroom can lead to all kinds issues including, relationship and marriage breakdowns, depression, and other unnecessary psychological problems. 

Enter Bec.

She started G-Spot Sex Therapy Down Under out of an idea that the ‘power of the puss’, as she calls it, needed more exploration and exposure. She believes that women deserve more pleasure out of sex, and that they deserve to know the truth about ‘that magical mystery flower waiting to bloom between their legs’. And why not? It is estimated that between 10% and 15% of all women go through life never having experienced sexual pleasure – and surveys suggest that up to half of all women are not satisfied with how often they reach orgasm. 

‘Designed purely for pleasure, the clitoris is not celebrated, adored or revered nearly as much as it deserves by both men and women alike. It is the key to a woman’s satisfaction and the entrance to a women’s “temple”, just waiting to be uncovered and enjoyed. It is the gateway to a secret garden waiting to be explored and in which eternal wisdom can be found, ultimately leading to a deeper connection with yourself and who you are as a person’, she tells us.   

‘My true feminine power really was born out of pure amazement for the wonderful parts of the human body known as the sex organs. So many of us want to talk about this taboo topic; to find out about how to have great sex, better orgasms and a deeper sense of connection and intimacy with our partner. But we have been programmed from a young age to keep quiet about our sexuality. This is particularly so for women, even more so if you have a fascination for the extraordinary expression of sexual identity. 

‘Considering that the psychology of sexuality, classified now as sexology – the study of human sexuality – has so many connections to our various states of wellbeing and states of consciousness, this particular part of the human experience requires the commitment to deep dive into the human heart and the power of love. Making the connection with head and heart leads to an orgasmic life and harnessing your sexual energy will enhance all aspects of your life, not just love-making.’

In living her truth as a sexologist and as a woman, Bec understands that by embracing her innate ‘goddess’, she can stand in her power as the divine feminine and lead other women to their true essence of expression and creativity. However, she also encourages women to embrace the divine masculine in men and allow them to hold a space for the divine feminine. She teaches that it is all about balance, understanding how the body works and responds because men and women are very different in this department on all levels. 

‘Learning how to harness these different energies of the cool feminine and the fire of the masculine creates steam in the bedroom like never before. There is also much to learn about pleasure states and how to ask for what you need. Communication really is key and the freedom to express needs in a safe place improves couples’ connection immediately’, she adds. 

‘Becoming conscious around your sexuality is extremely liberating. You begin to relate differently to your body and, in particular, to your sexual self. A lot of my work is focused on coaching women on how to create a relationship with their vagina. To give her an identity, get to know all her parts and how they work and, ultimately, deepen their level of respect towards the body, so they can experience internal and full body orgasms. This also extends to couples’ work in which focus is given to learning techniques, rituals and breath-work to lengthen performance for as long as possible.’

Bec also specialises in helping men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and is passionate about her work in these two areas. She stresses the importance for men to feel positive and confident about their masculinity, and she helps them overcome these challenges with coaching, exercises and conscious breathing. 

G Spot Sex Therapy has successfully coached several couples in both ED and PE rehabilitation techniques, and I am thrilled to say that the result was conception of their first child. That’s pretty exciting news!’ she shares with us. 

Equally important for Bec are the areas of taboo, and she hosts Kink, BDSM, Fetish, Dominatrix and Tantric workshops for couples and individuals, which account for 50% percent of her work. These kinds of educational workshops are designed for those who wish to explore this type of human experience in a controlled environment without the fear of shame or judgement. 

‘Creating conversations around sexual liberation and the study of sexual energy, the power of love and raising consciousness as a medicine for the mind, body and soul is my life’s purpose and privilege. Ultimately, witnessing the way in which people bloom into a fuller state of self is the most rewarding part.’ 

Bec explains that being your best feminine self requires a relationship that is cultivated with the best masculine self with an aim to create balance between the two. This creates an innate ability to relate and step into either state. When you are born a female, ‘embrace being woman’, embrace the feminine, embody the Goddess state, the Muse, the Siren and the creator of life, you are connected to all women and the feminine part of us all.

‘Act like a woman’, she advises. ‘Think like a man, but always be a woman. The advantage of being a woman in the business world is that you already know how men think. You can still be feminine and strong at the same time. Just be courageous, fearless and chase your destiny.’ 

‘Think of yourself as an armadillo – thick shelled, unfazed by opinions and yet still soft on the inside. Allow yourself the freedom to shine and accept that you will attract attention, both positive and negative. The influence it has on your success is within your control. Be brave, get clear on your purpose and work a plan that leads to your desired outcome.’ 

‘Will others try to compete with you? Of course. I however have never paid attention to that as energy is about improvement rather than comparison.’ 

‘There is only one you which makes you absolutely unique. Harness that.’



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