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Food With Style

Jan Cranitch is a seasoned and passionate Chef For Hire, bringing over 30 years of experience in the dynamic world of the hospitality industry. With a deep-rooted love for culinary arts, Jan has dedicated her career to creating unforgettable gastronomic experiences for individuals and communities alike.

As the driving force behind Food With Style, Jan’s culinary expertise shines through in her ability to showcase the best produce that Australia has to offer. Specializing in cooking demonstrations on stage and at festivals, Jan’s mission is to promote local farmers and producers, increasing brand awareness and sales while celebrating the rich diversity of Australian cuisine.

Jan’s culinary talents extend beyond live events, as she is a sought-after presence on various media platforms. Jan’s skills have landed her coveted spots on TV cooking segments for Channel 9 news, where she skilfully presented mouth-watering recipes to captivated audiences. Additionally, Jan shares her culinary wisdom and insights with the public through radio talk-back appearances on ABC radio, offering practical tips and advice to enthusiastic food enthusiasts.

Recognizing the demands of modern lifestyles, Jan goes above and beyond by providing her services to busy families in need of convenient meal prep solutions. Her expertise in crafting delicious and nutritious meals caters to the unique tastes and dietary requirements of each family member, ensuring that healthy eating becomes an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Furthermore, Jan’s culinary prowess extends to private engagements, making her the perfect choice for those seeking an exceptional dining experience. From intimate gatherings to ladies’ retreats, Jan can be booked throughout the year as a private chef, offering personalized menus tailored to individual preferences and dietary needs. With an innate understanding of the power of food to create memorable moments, Jan takes pride in curating unforgettable culinary journeys for her clients.

Jan Cranitch’s illustrious career is a testament to her unwavering passion for the culinary arts and commitment to excellence. Her dedication to promoting local produce, sharing knowledge through various media outlets, and providing exceptional dining experiences have solidified her reputation as a highly respected and sought-after chef. Whether on stage, in the media, or the kitchen, Jan continues to inspire and delight all who have the pleasure of experiencing her culinary creations.




Pavlova Recipe


6 egg whites

2 tablespoons Corn flour

2 teaspoon Vinegar

1 1/2 cup caster Sugar

Pinch of salt

2 teaspoons vanilla paste


In a very clean bowl beat egg whites till soft peaks

Slowly add sugar.

Finally, add vinegar, salt & vanilla.

Place mixture on a greased tray and cook in a slow oven at 150 degrees for 1 ½ hours.

Turn off the oven & leave it in the oven overnight to dry out.

Decorate with dolloping cream fresh berries, passionfruit & mint.

Enjoy 😊


Make sure your bowl is super clean can wipe it out with white vinegar.

Leave your eggs out overnight so they are at room temperature & whip better.

Leave in oven overnight to dry out.

Always use eggs at room temperature as they will whip better 🙂

  1. A giant shout out-Thank you
    How exciting
    This is my first ever featured in a magazine
    What an honour
    Super grateful to the team at Feminessence​ so fabulous to work with you guys
    A giant shout out to my lovely photographer Sumi from Sumiko Takesue Eyears​ for always making me look my best – you are such a talented lady at setting the scene and making us all look amazing
    So many Fabulous Foodie Adventure’s coming up stay tuned guys 🙂

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