Become Part of the QUIET REBELLION


Become Part of the QUIET REBELLION

Casey Lightbody – Founder & CEO of The Quiet Collective 

Business Success Coach and Mentor 


Quiet people do not always make their opinions or presence known. It’s the loud, noisy ones that get noticed first. Our society values those insistent voices that clamor for your attention with promises of immediate results. But what if you are more introspective, introverted, or reserved? It means your business message may not be getting through. 

You may think the best way to market your business is by fitting into the one-size fits all model, following the status quo, copying what others do, and shouting as loud as you can, but isn’t that putting on a mask and pretending to be someone you’re not? Disregarding your inner truth?

Casey Lightbody believes that our quiet (both our inner and outer) is our greatest untapped resource – and she shows you how when you can quieten the loud inner critic, listen to the gentle internal whispers and capitalize on your innate strength as an introverted person in business because sensitivity is a superpower, not a character flaw. As Casey says, “The quiet ones are the world’s most untapped resource.”

So, how can you assert yourself while getting the results you deserve in your business and in your personal life, without losing your femininity or denying who you really are? Casey has built her business answering those questions – and has gained a very successful following as a business coach and mentor in the process. 

The Evolution From Masculine to Feminine Embodiment and Leadership

Casey had always dreamed of starting her own business but followed the status quo, got an Honors degree in Marketing at university, and landed her first job at Citigroup in London. She worked her way up the corporate ladder, got married, and had three beautiful sons. But the dream never went away so when the family immigrated to Australia, she decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship. She landed her first client chatting to a school mum in the car park, and her first business was born. With no website, no social media, and no strategy at first, her marketing consulting business quickly grew to a 6-figure agency and a team of 5. 

Finally, the dream had come true, right? 


Casey had wanted to start her own business for the time, financial and energy freedom to live life on her terms and have the flexibility to be with her boys as they grew up. The reality was she was tied to her desk 14-16 hours a day, missing out on spending time with her family, answering multiple bosses not just one, and building a business that felt misaligned. She became completely burned out. After pouring both heart and soul into the business, she made the soul-wrenching decision to burn that business to the ground and start from scratch. 

During that process, she realized a few things about herself: 

“I am an introvert. I’d been wearing an extroverted mask for so long, trying to fit in and pretend to be someone I’m not. Being front and center of my business. Getting out there and networking constantly, being visible in ALL the places, connecting with people non-stop. All true, and vital for business success but the WAY I was going about it was how I thought I “should” be doing it. It was exhausting. I had to find ways to grow my business, serve my clients and market myself in a way that suited me. In fact, I recharge on my own, need lots of downtime, and have to prioritize my energy management as a non-negotiable to thrive. I needed a business that allowed me to thrive as an introvert both in terms of the business model and strategy. 

“I am highly sensitive. Growing up, I was told I was overly emotional and hyper-sensitive. I would cry easily. Loud shopping centers exhausted me. I couldn’t watch scary movies. And I saw it as a weakness, as something I needed to overcome. Toughen up. Get over myself. Don’t take everything to heart. One coach even told me to stop crying because it didn’t support my growth! Now, in fact, my sensitivity is my superpower and I use it to my advantage in my business to allow me to connect deeply with my clients and community, to get curious and creative and come up with new ideas, and to communicate effectively.

“I was struggling with lack of self-confidence – and using my introversion and sensitivity as an excuse to hide behind! I had purchased course after course, hired coach after coach, and I realized that I was expert enough and the one thing getting in the way of my dreams and success was myself. This started my journey of personal development, working on my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health to optimize my performance in all areas of my life. I learned the importance of presence, courage, surrender, and play to build more self-trust. I learned the importance of slowing down to speed up. I learned the importance of allowing my feminine to lead.

Wake-up Call #1

One of these moments happened when Casey was sitting across the desk from her husband’s medical specialist, and he asked a simple question. “Have you had your neck checked?” Puzzled, she had no idea what he was talking about but followed up with her GP and got an ultrasound. A 7 cm tumor was found on her thyroid. It was biopsied and fortunately found to be benign, but the endocrinologist insisted that it had to come out, given its size. Knowing she wanted to go into the surgery being as healthy as she possibly could be, she made a decision to double down on self-care, mapping out what that would look like, and taking daily action towards living that life.

“During that process, I learned how to prioritize my own needs over the needs of others without feeling guilty. I learned that no was a full sentence. I set (and maintained) boundaries. I walked 3-4 times per week at the beach (a 90 min round trip drive), meal prepped and ate deliciously healthy meals, meditated, journaled, celebrated, and invested in me. As a result, I released 20kg in weight, my skin glowed and I’d never felt more content or happy. The surgery was a success and now I protect my own well-being as a non-negotiable.”

Wake Up Call #2

Casey was the quintessential “good girl” for most of her life, up until her early 40s. She had always tied her worthiness to how “good” she was. Like many women, she was taught to be obedient, friendly, and polite. She grew up believing that she shouldn’t rock the boat, or be too loud or demanding. It wasn’t ladylike! And as a result, she avoided confrontation and had a hard time saying no. She feared being judged so she didn’t speak up. 

She was a people-pleasing perfectionist who set incredibly high standards for herself and everyone around her. Does that sound familiar? This belief held her back in so many ways but her desire to make a difference in her life and the lives of others eventually led her to overcoming the fears that had stopped her.

“When the pandemic hit, being highly sensitive, I was walking at the beach and suddenly I was overcome with emotion that so many women were losing their jobs, facing financial hardship, and closing the doors on their businesses. I cognitively and logically knew that I had decades of experience and expertise. I even had a gold box that a mentor had suggested I have where I could save my certificates, achievements, feedback, thank you cards from clients, testimonials, etc. in to remind me that I could really help. 

I wasn’t fully stepping into my power. I was in, but I wasn’t all in. I was committed, but still staying safe. At that moment, I made a decision to fully embody my expertise, my skills, my knowledge, and wisdom and share it with others. The embodiment of that confidence shifted everything in my business. I showed up as me, fully owning all of me and clients were magnetically drawn to me. My coaching went to the next level, client results were off the charts, sales exploded, and we had our first six-figure month.”

The Birth of The Quiet Collective

During this time of self-reflection and self-enquiry, Casey realized there were so many women just like her, introverted, sensitive, intuitive, quietly powerful women who were trying to fit themselves into a one-size-fits-all model and bend who they really were in order to be successful.

The Quiet Collective was born.

A community for quiet rebels with a deep desire to do good in the world to come together, take off their masks, and be empowered to build impact-driven businesses on their terms. Casey had spent the last 20+ years living, breathing, and being borderline obsessed with all things business, marketing, and strategy and now she helps introverted, sensitive, quietly powerful women implement aligned business growth strategies, so they cannot just grow and scale their businesses, but start their own global movements. 

She supports these women through 1:1 private mentorship and intimate group masterminds and coaching programmes.

And because she believes that our quiet is our most untapped resource, her programmes focus on balancing soul-oriented introspection with results-oriented strategy. On the strategic side, the focus is on strengthening the foundations of her clients’ businesses first because, without a solid base, businesses are built on shaky ground. She feels this is so often overlooked or ignored, even by more established businesses. The world is changing, and businesses need to be adaptable, nimble, and proactive to keep up and it is essential to revisit the foundations and ensure they’re stable and firm to manage hypergrowth or weather downturns in the market. Once the foundations are laid, she focuses on bridging the gap between purpose and profit and helps her clients plan for future success in a way that feels aligned. 

She supports her clients in commercializing their visions by:

  • articulating the vision in a clear and compelling way
  • developing a business strategy that is in alignment with the business owner.
  • creating irresistible offers that has their audience saying “I’m in.”
  • flooding their inboxes with dreamy potential clients
  • personalizing a marketing plan that fits their unique personality and style.
  • crafting magnetic messaging that captivates their audience.
  • initiating sales conversations that feel compassionate rather than coercive.

Her signature framework, the Quiet Conquer Code, developed specifically through an introverted, sensitive lens, focuses on commitment, connection, conversion, and communication as the key pillars that create a masculine container to support her clients in implementing strategies and tactics whilst being in the feminine flow. 

On the energetics side, her programmes are delivered through the lens of self-connection, feminine embodiment, and soul-nurturing practices in order to call in more money, more soul-aligned clients, more aligned leads, more impact and more transformation for her clients’ people.

At the end of the day, her clients have a clear roadmap for their business and feel confident in their ability to not just run the business as the quietly rebellious CEO they are but to run it in the right way for them for years to come.

This has been transformative for Casey and her clients. 

She is forever changed. They are forever changed.

Nothing is more rewarding for her than seeing her “chicken soup for the soul” clients be seen, heard, and understood in their own unique way and as a result, impact their lives and the lives of others around them.

quiet-rebellionThis is some of their feedback:

I took action immediately on Casey’s training! The results…118 students and $57,000 in sales in a week. MY VA just let me know we’ve hit 200 students, that’s with all marketing turned off for the last week. Woohoo! Just shy of $100K. Happy dance here! On track for my 4th quarter goal. Casey, your coaching and strategies are amazing. LW


 Casey’s program has been the best investment I’ve made for my business. The guidance and support she has provided has been invaluable. She constantly encouraged me and gave me space to work out challenges on my own, which BOOSTED MY CONFIDENCE! As I result, I now have a business strategy that I never had when I first started my online journey. I’ve also gained clarity on my marketing strategy. I’m confident about getting visible to my ideal client on my terms and without feeling pushy and I landed 3 new clients. NK

The Feminessence Equation

Desire + Decision + Dedication + Daily Devotion = Destiny 

This is now what Casey teaches her clients.

Feminessence for her is about getting out of your head and into your heart. It’s about learning to slow down to speed up. It’s about practicing and embodying presence, vulnerability, openness, surrender, and courage. It’s about having one foot in gratitude for everything you have and one foot in desire for everything that is to come. 

This cross-pollinates across all areas of her life.

She gives an example from her personal life:

We were due to immigrate to Australia and at the 11th hour, our visa was denied due to a change in the eligibility criteria. $40,000 and 18 months later after investigating alternative options, taking aligned action, and having unwavering self-trust that it would all work out, we landed in Australia to a dream job for my husband and in the city of our choice.”

And an example from her business life: 

“I presented to about 60 people at an in-person conference and showed up fully in my power. Confident and assertive with no expectations other than showing up and providing as much value as possible to the audience in my own way, without putting on an extroverted mask and pretending to be anyone else but me. I closed $100k in sales as a result of that one appearance…”

The Importance Of Stepping Into Becoming a Leader in Today’s World 

The world is changing. 

Global competition, digital disruption, and uncertain and complex environments are all present. As women in business, Casey says we need to consider how to show up and lead in a world like this. Thinking big picture, embracing curiosity, being adaptable and nimble, embracing diversity and innovating are all key to leading in today’s world. But more than anything, she says the world needs more female leaders. And the world needs to give female leaders the opportunity to lead as women. In the past, women have had to cultivate masculine qualities to fit the role of leader – control, power, and status. But in order for leaders to make a difference in today’s world, this needs to change. 

The nature of leadership is evolving and there is a call for more empathy, more intuition, more creativity, more sensitivity, more compassionate communication, and more trust. The call for more feminine leadership is a call for more balance after hundreds of years of patriarchy and this is what is going to make a difference going forward. She believes that women are going to heal and lead the world, especially the quiet ones. That means tapping into your own inner quiet, listening to the whispers of your inner voice, and leading from the heart with love, courage, and curiosity to be and do better. 

Casey wasn’t raised with a growth mindset or much self-awareness, but she was determined, resilient, and courageous and she knew from early on that she wanted to make a difference. So for her, it wasn’t about taking giant leaps out of my comfort zone, because when she made those big moves, a vulnerability hangover quickly followed. She learned that a gradual expansion of her capacity zone worked much better. 

As an example, she had a deathly fear of public speaking and was terrified to speak to any size audience. How was she possibly going to step up and make her voice heard when she literally froze in front of a group of people bigger than one! But she started slowly. She hosted her first workshop with 3 people, then 5 people, then 10, then 15, and after some time, she was flown to Santiago, Chile to speak to an audience of over 300 people! She led her first virtual summit with over 4000 attendees! This would not have been possible if she had not started small and stretched her courage muscle.

“ It is so important for us to step up and make our voices heard because each of us has a different perspective and a different set of skills, experiences, and expertise, so when we bring our unique belonging to the room and work together to facilitate change, we create seismic shifts in our world,” says Casey. 

“My vision for the Quiet Collective is to build a global movement where women are inspired and empowered to unleash their quiet rebel and build sustainable, successful businesses on their terms so they can ‘leave their footprints on the sands of time’ and truly make an impact in the world. As a collective, operating in collaboration rather than in competition, we are unstoppable.

The Quiet Collective is paving the way to support women to do just that, with a constant focus on courage, commitment, connection, and contribution.

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