Beautiful Woman Reading These Words


Beautiful Woman Reading These Words


What do I want you to know?

Beautiful woman reading these words, I have been sitting with this article, with you in my heart pondering “what do I want this woman to know?”  

What do I want her to receive from these pages?

What can I offer her?


Beautiful Sister Queen, I want you to know that the most incredible things are possible.

I want you to know that your wildest dreams are available to you.

And that your deepest desires and biggest visions are a gift to the world.

I want you to know that your dreams are not too big, that your soul calling is perfect and needed.

I want you to know that being “too much” is just about perfect when you are connected to your heart and committed to your evolution.

I want you to know that your expansion is a gift to the world and is exactly what you need to actualise your soul purpose.

I want you to know that the intuition in your bones, your courageous, radiant heart, your sassy, magnetic yoni and your wise, compassionate, wild, and untamed feminine essence is EXACTLY what’s needed to bring this in.


I want you to know that I see you, and I honour you.

I have shared my early story in the previous Feminessence edition, so I won’t rehash it here. Instead, I’d love to share the journey that I’ve been on since writing that article, close to a year ago today.

This past year has been one of the most challenging and profoundly transformative periods of my life so far. Truth be told, I still wasn’t fully embracing my Feminessence at the time of that writing, and it has been a wild, challenging and often painful process of surrendering to Her.


In that time, I have:

  • Navigated physical injuries and reimagined my relationship with my body
  • Released, grieved, and rebirthed my 20-year partnership.
  • I confronted what was failing and reconstructed my business in a way that is aligned with how I want to work and whom I want to work with.
  • I have begun the era of letting my children fly free as adults.
  • Celebrated WILD and ongoing successes as an international author and speaker.

All of this required me to make a choice: fully surrender to the truth of my deeply feminine nature and follow my soul purpose or step back into mediocrity, get a regular job, have a normal relationship, or separate permanently and do all the usual things because pursuing my vision while trying to follow the culturally acceptable, masculine “rules” simply WOULD. NOT. WORK!

Every time I tried to do what I “should” do, it failed, no matter what area of my life I worked with. I only made progress when I wholly followed my intuition and feminine flow. This was terrifying, uncomfortable, confronting and often nauseating. It went against EVERYTHING logical, rational, or followed any conventionally accepted format.

Most of the time, I was so far out of my comfort zone that my nervous system was permanently on high alert. I have spent a year and even more so the last six months feeling way out of my depth, uncertain and often terrified!  Let me repeat that… Every step I took, I was scared. 

The bright, shiny, audacious woman you see in these images has risen out of the ashes of her old self and life.


Body Breakdown

It began with an injured leg and a broken wrist that happened within two weeks of each other. As a woman who exercised every day and was strong, active and in the best shape of my life, this was devastating. It stripped me of some of my biggest joys, CrossFit, running and aerial hoop, taking with it not only my physical strength and resilience but also significant mental and emotional support. 

However, this paradoxically also saved my health and led me deeper into one of my other loves, ecstatic dance. I genuinely believe that my health would not have coped with the stress of exercise and the intense pressure I was experiencing in every other part of my life.  I needed to conserve my energy, and these injuries made sure of that!

Two things were an absolute lifeline in looking after my injured, stressed body: Ecstatic dance and the profiling technology that I work with, ph360 Healthtype Profiling. 


Dancing through the Darkness

Even though my leg was injured, my wrist was broken, and I developed calf, knee, and fatigue issues, I could still find ways to dance by engaging the floor, walls, and other surfaces. I could find ways to move freely and fluidly while limiting the strain to my body.

Far more than just a way to move, though, it has also been one of the most potent pathways for transformation, and that was its biggest gift.

Dance is an access point for entering altered states of consciousness & in that space, I have encountered some of the deepest wisdom, most profound insights, most powerful healing

and most pure & connected love.


Free, ecstatic, or conscious dance is where we ALLOW ourselves to be moved BY the music from the inside in any way we feel. Through this process, we can:

  1. Make sense of experiences,
  2. Move emotions through our body
  3. Access our wisdom
  4. Rewire our nervous system & ingrained patterns, 
  5. Take us out of the Monkey Mind & help us find perspective
  6. Activate the endocannabinoid system and feel-good chemicals
  7. Change emotional states and
  8. Reprogram cellular memory

Through ecstatic dance, we become our healers, therapists & guides. It is our birthright to move in a fluid, free, unchoreographed and deeply embodied way. It is our birthright to feel and in the feeling of “what is” that we transform. For me, in the sense of “what is”, I have transformed.

I invite you too to dance like no one is watching, in your own space, in your way, on your terms.

Free your body, claim your power and transform yourself because what happens on the dance floor ripples into every part of life.


Body Care with ph360

The second lifeline was Ph360 Healthtype profiling. This is a science-based, whole human profiling technology based on epigenetics and hormonal wiring. It is NOT a personality test. It uses physical body measurements and lifestyle questions to determine what hormones were most dominant during development. From that information, it can give precise insight into how an individual is “wired” physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I leant heavily on the insights and guidance in my profile as I was recovering from my injuries and working out how to care for myself through this time. Changing the way I start my day and the hours I keep based on my “chronobiology”, which is my unique internal body clock. I reduced certain foods and increased others based on guidance from my profile to support healing and wellness. I also gave myself lots of time and spaciousness. 

Unfortunately, it was raining most of this time which disrupted the amount of time I could spend in nature and the sun or I would have been doing a LOT of that. 


Relationship death

Not long after these injuries occurred, I was simultaneously facing issues with my business and releasing my 20-year relationship with the father of my three sons, best friend, and long-time lover. 

We were a couple, with the relationship revered as the epitome of great partnerships by everyone who knew us. To grieve the death of that relationship was utterly devastating yet absolutely necessary because the dynamic that we had been in for the last 20 years was not supportive of either of us going to the next level. We were unconsciously holding both ourselves and each other back.


Courageous hearts

One of two things happens when the veil is lifted on co-dependency and unconscious patterns. Either the veil is nervously put back down, and the couple continues, each as a compromised version of themselves – or they separate, often with bitterness, resentment and unresolved issues that reveal themselves in future relationships. 

Yet my partner Matthew and I are both visionaries and we have a deep connection that is worth fighting for, so true to style we chose to do it differently. It was nothing short of open-heart surgery, as Matthew calls it, and it required radical levels of honesty, vulnerability, and courage. 

We both had to face some very uncomfortable truths and deep shadows; however, once again, ph360 Healthtype profiling became a lifeline. 

It gave us clear and profound insight into who we are as individuals and how we are wired, which is almost opposite. 


Understanding the way we are wired meant: 

  • We were able to understand ourselves, our stress responses and meet our own needs. 
  • We could be considerate towards each other and the other’s needs. 
  • We were validated as individuals who are hormonally wired very different from each other. 
  • It allowed us to take things less personally, keeping our hearts open toward each other even though we had been swimming in the “void” of uncertainty for months. 


Knowing our individual stress responses and core values is incredibly important for all of us when dealing with matters of the heart because we are ALL traumatised at one level or another. 

No matter how good our childhood was, we live in a traumatised culture in a traumatised world. This inevitably comes out in relationships, and when a relationship needs to be unravelled and rewoven, it feels as if our hearts and our very survival are on the line. 

Understanding our own “wiring” and recognising that while we are all different, we are all geniuses in our way can be a healing balm and a pathway for evolution. The fact that ph360 Profiling is based on science legitimises our uniqueness and allows us to relax and not feel like we need to be something we’re not. 

This is indescribably valuable because growth and expansion can’t happen from a place of stress and trauma. We can only expand when we feel safe and calm our nervous systems. 

So, we stand side by side, both much changed, building a new relationship as allies, lovers, and business partners. Matthew has reconfigured his work to meet his needs better, and he supports my visionary nature by helping create order and practical structure for my business. 

Our relationship is more real, powerful, and beautiful than ever before and is only destined to get better.


Business Evolution

At the same time, as all of this was going on, it became abundantly clear that the way I was trying to operate my business was NOT the way I truly wanted to, and as a result, I was struggling to get clients.  My unconscious mind was blocking this because it was simply not aligned with my soul and genius. 

As a Diplomat, close to the Sensor and with definite Crusader and Connector qualities, trying to run my business through a conventional, high client number model is just so wrong! My genius is in bringing lots of different threads together and seeing the interconnectedness of all parts of a person. To do this, I need time and spaciousness to allow all the bits of information to weave together, to feel the depth and breadth of how this might play out for a client and to go down research “rabbit holes” to find unique solutions and strategies.

I also want to “feel” a client and “dive in” with them, especially in my three-month mentorships. When I onboard a new client, they are in my “field” of awareness nearly all of the time, and I’m constantly alert to what might be coming up for them or what they might need, so “landing” lots of clients is overwhelming for me and reduces my capacity to deliver high quality, valuable and truly personalised service.

Hence, I was blocking them with my unconscious mind. I feel that our unconscious mind is feminine.  She is vast, non-linear, visionary, and driven by our soul essence and core “Why.”  Our conscious mind is more masculine: logical, rational, linear and goal-oriented. 

According to Dr Bruce Lipton our subconscious or unconscious mind is 500,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind. 

So, no matter what you think you “should” think, want or believe, if it’s not aligned with your unconscious and your soul “why”, it simply won’t happen or if it does happen, then result will feel empty and unsatisfying. 

This is one of the main reasons why traditional manifesting doesn’t work. It’s not that we’re not powerful or that manifestation isn’t tangible; it’s that we are asking for things we don’t want at an unconscious level. 

Realising this can be uncomfortable because what we want at an unconscious level might be opposite to what we “should” want. However, it’s through coming to peace with the truth that we can resolve what’s holding us back so we can move forward. Finding your core “why,” that is, what drives your unconscious, and aligning every part of your life to support that is a vital critical stepping into your ultimate You & actualising your soul purpose.

I’ve included an activity over the page so you can explore this more for yourself. For me, I had to get honest about what I DID want, which was a lot fewer clients, more time to dive in with them and charging significantly more. I also refined who my ideal clients are, especially for my 3-month mentorship, Align & Actualise. It took quite a bit of processing to be comfortable with this, but it has meant that I have the spaciousness to enjoy diving in with the clients I take on.


My mentoring work now looks like this:

I have two select offers: 

  • Personal Body-Genius Profiling, centred around ph360 Healthtype profiling. This short but extremely potent and highly valuable “Kickstarter” focused on determining a client’s epigenetic & hormonal “wiring,” emphasising their innate genius, how to support this and the top 3 aligned steps to take.  

I take a maximum of 2 clients per week for this.

  • Align & Actualise is a 3-month journey focused on Aligning with your genetic genius to Actualise your soul mission. We discover the Truth of who you are, embrace all of her and get clear on what you are here for and what you are not, discover what you need to amplify to expand into your next version so you can actualise your soul purpose and work with that.

I take a maximum of 2 clients per month for Align & Actualise.  That’s it. 

We specifically focus on the ph360 epigenetic & hormonal profile, ancestry, early life experiences and embodied movement as pathways for this because to have a clear understanding of yourself and how you are uniquely (& perfectly) wired is arguably the most important foundational piece for being able to step into the expanded version of you that longs to exist.

  • Ph360 Epigenetic Profiling cuts through the confusion and gives clear insight plus practical guidance on aligning every part of your life to be in flow with your unique body & mind genius. As mentioned before, ph360 Healthtype Profiling is a cutting-edge science-backed profiling technology that uses physical body measurement in conjunction with other fact-based lifestyle questions to determine what hormones were dominant during early development. 

Everything is interconnected, and everything impacts who we are, how we are wired, how we see the world, and how our bodies and minds work. How we navigate and experience emotions and how our bodies respond to life and the world around us, including our physical environment, relationships, food choices, movement, thoughts, and beliefs. 

We constantly dance with life and our bodies are forever receiving and transmitting information and energy. This impacts our epigenetics – or gene expression via our hormones and is the most important consideration for health, wealth, and happiness on all levels.

Hormones shape the way a person grows and develops physically, mentally emotionally. The profiling technology offers precise information about a person and comes with the Shae App that gives personalised guidance on how to eat, move, rest, connect with others, work and live. It is unbelievably valuable.

  1. b) Ancestral Alchemy is about knowing where we came from and our family lineage’s impact on our body, mind & life. 

We don’t exist in isolation; we only exist in context. We are woven from our ancestors’ lives, experiences, and stories. Their lives crossed in the most profound and mundane ways; their blood mingled to create our blood, their DNA entwining to craft ours. 

We know through the science of inter-generational and trans-generational epigenetics that their lives very much influence who we are and who we can become, even if we have never met them. We are living elixirs of potential, crafted from more than a thousand generations of ancestors.

First, we track our family lineage with curiosity and compassion looking at not only who they were and where and when they lived but also taking into consideration what was going on around them in their local communities and the wider world. This creates a lot of awareness, understanding and appreciation for who they were and who we are.

We then work with this vast network of talents, traits and attributes that lie in our family tree as resources to bring forth and amplify to go to the next level. Indeed “we stand on the shoulders of giants”, and I write more deeply about this “Ancestral Wealth” in the Women Gone Wild, Wealth Edition book.

  • Embodied movement re-wires our subconscious mind & cellular memory so we can shift out of old states of being and open up to new possibilities – in our way, on our terms. Free or non-linear movement like ecstatic dance is an incredibly powerful way to “disrupt” and re-pattern our bodies and minds, and I write more deeply about this in Embrace Your Feminessence.

Working this way gives me the spaciousness I need to be in my genius zone, which resides in an ability to see many threads of a woman and how they are woven together. I follow my intuition and inspiration regarding what she needs, and I am deeply present for each woman not only on every call but also between calls. 


Enter At Your Own Risk

For this reason, I am selective with who I will work with for Align & Actualise and intake is based on an application process. This is because working with me comes with a warning label “Enter at your own risk; you will not be the same woman on the other side.”  It will get gritty and uncomfortable because most of us have unclaimed parts, our “shadow” selves that we want to ignore and hide, yet we will go there because this is where the gold is. To expand into our magnificence means facing and claiming our unclaimed parts and to be willing to be seen.

I now work with visionary, change-making women because even if they are not clear on exactly what their soul purpose is, they can feel it and will step naturally towards it. These women are called by something bigger than themselves and their human failings.

They will keep moving towards their calling, even when it makes no sense, even when it is hard, even when everything around them crumbles, even when every day for months, they might spend every waking hour scared. With their hearts in their throat, they will keep following the impulses of their soul. These are the women I LOVE to work with. 

I know them because I am them. I know what it takes to expand into whom we need to be to land the Vision. I know that it requires an up-level in EV-ER-Y area of life, AND I know how to support that in other women. We need our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits ALL online. 

The most powerful people on the planet are the ones, especially women, who are connected to their hearts, their sexuality, their soul purpose and their bodies, and they KNOW who they are. They are women with access to money because money brings choice and the possibility for a more significant impact. The potential ripple effect of this work is enormous, and this is absolutely what I’m here for.


WILD Success 

In amongst all the chaos, confusion and rebirthing, I was being catapulted into a new level of impact as an author and speaker.

In the last 12 months, I have realised multiple childhood dreams. These have come through saying “yes” to things that equally excited and terrified me, and as a result, more doorways, opportunities and successes ensued.

Firstly, I was featured in the September 2021 Feminessence magazine, which was such a thrill. This opened a doorway to realising a clear vision that I have held since I saw my first TED talk in 2013; I became a published TEDx speaker with a talk titled “How To Thrive In An Era Of Uncertainty.” 

While I would love for it to be included on the leading TED site, this is unlikely because true to style, what I speak about challenges conventional norms. It took weeks to be published and comes with a warning… a bit like me, really. (You’re welcome, btw)

Not long after this, I dove into my first co-authored book, Embrace Your Feminessence. The digital version went bestseller in 3 categories, ranking above Brene Brown’s new book, which is an incredible achievement.  The print version is just coming out now, and I’m excited to be presented at the official summit for that over the next few months.

This opened another door, and I joined the Women Gone Wild Movement, featuring as a co-author in the wildly successful Women Gone Wild, Wealth Edition book.

This digital book went best seller in five categories and a hot new release in nine. It launched in Las Vegas and went on tour to Los Angeles and New York with billboards in Times Square, NY, and Las Vegas.

It has since been picked up by Browns Publishing for physical publication and is set to be translated into seven languages and distributed to forty-nine countries. 

Out of this has come an interview on the Rhonda Swan Show, multiple podcast interviews and speaking opportunities, which I adore, plus features in Hollywood Digest, Influincive, Total Girl Boss, So Influential, and Disrupt Magazines.

Illuminate Your Feminessence came next, and while it’s yet to be released, I have no doubt it will also explode.

I was invited to be a guest on The Girlfriend Hour with Shar Moore. This delicious show streams on BingeTV and YouTube and has recently been approached to take a spot on one of the more major stations!

And now here I am, writing to you as the Ambassador for this latest edition of Feminessence Magazine. A magazine that has a big vision, one that knows that when one rises, we all rise. A magazine that represents a movement fuelled by heart, soul, and purpose. 


I’m also currently working on two extra projects:

Firstly, I’m collaborating with other incredible women facilitators to create a fun, profound and luscious five-day immersion called Many Faces of She, where we play with embodied movement and our “inner characters” to reawaken our most vital, authentic & unapologetic self so we can step into something BIGGER. 

I’m also looking at creating a new fitness modality that combines traditional masculine structure with a fluid, feminine movement practice so more people can tap into their bodies’ innate brilliance and the vast knowledge and wisdom they carry.


The Ultimate Vision 

The difference between spreading our wings and truly flying and just having a mediocre life lies in the courage we’re willing to lean into and the level of honesty we are eager to have with ourselves. 


To do that, we need to: 

1) KNOW who we are now

2) Embrace the Truth of this, 

3) Expand into our next, fuller version.


We need to tap into the magnetic radiance of our feminine essence. To uncover our TRUE genius, not the one we’ve been conditioned to believe is right or valuable, but what our REAL superpowers are. We need to know where we’ve come from because the ancestors in our family lineage are gunning for our success, and they hold some incredible keys to our evolution. 

We need to be able to re-write the stories in our bodies and tap into her wild intelligence, and we need to find the courage to be seen, to be big, bold, and brilliant.

We are all wired for brilliance. Our genius is encoded into our very bones, and no one offers the exact blend of your unique magic. THAT is your superpower. That is your gift. That is what we are all crying out for without even knowing it. And that’s why I do what I do. The pathway home to that is less confusing than we have been taught. The toolkit I work with is vast, but every element of it is a pathway home to the Self, uncovering the genius within, embracing the Truth of that and then expanding into a more excellent, more aligned version of who you already ARE; a glorious, juicy, alive, vibrant, sexy, sassy, authentic, wise, honest, open-hearted, connected, conscious woman who is here for MORE. 

Ultimately, I’m here for the evolution of humanity. Imagine a world full of women audacious enough to follow the call of their soul and actualise their brightest vision. Imagine our beautiful planet full of people who are aligned with the truth of whom they are and living their fullest potential. 

Imagine a world in service to their hearts. What would that mean for our children, the earth, and the future? 


I am so here for this! Will you join me?

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